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Divine Intervention: The True Story of How One Woman Walked Between Worlds and Returned with Messages of Hope from Diana

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 : Divine Intervention: The True Story of How One Woman Walked Between Worlds and Returned with Messages of Hope from Diana

Binding: Paperback
EAN: 9781903116098
Edition: New edition
ISBN: 1903116090
Label: CICO Books
Languages: EnglishPublishedEnglishOriginal LanguageEnglishUnknown
Manufacturer: CICO Books
Number Of Pages: 256
Publication Date: February 01, 2000
Publisher: CICO Books
Release Date: February 01, 2000
Studio: CICO Books

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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
"Divine Intervention" is the remarkable story of one woman's near-death experience and the incredible events that followed. On April 7, 1998, Hazel Courteney's life was transformed beyond recognition. She became telepathic, affected electrical equipment, levitated, and began pulsing a healing energy through her eyes. To her mounting incredulity, she also began receiving messages from the "spirit world." Eventually, she found scientists who were able to offer rational explanations for her astonishing experience. This courageous book is a must for anyone who wants to discover more about our spiritual nature.

Amazon Review:
Hazel Courteney is an award-winning health journalist whose "What's the Alternative" in the Sunday Times has been one of the best-respected columns in the business. On 7 April, 1998 Courteney underwent an experience that was to change her life forever.

After falling ill while shopping in Harrods, Courteney spent the next six months living out a drama in which she claims to have become telepathic while pulsing with an intense healing energy. But her strongest, and most bizarre claim is that she was able to hear spirits from the higher realms, and she found herself communicating with none other than Diana, Princess of Wales.

Courteney's Divine Intervention certainly makes for a compelling and wholehearted read, full of drama and suspense and with a high dose of the thoroughly chilling. Diana, Princess of Wales is reported as speaking of life in the higher realms and of witnessing her own death and watching mourners visit her coffin; as well as explaining how she sends messages to Prince Charles and her sons, and that the reason she has made contact is because the spirit world can see that unless we change our lives and priorities the world as a whole is doomed. Further, it is she who insists that Courteney writes a book telling the world about the dangers that lie ahead and the way in which each individual can make a real difference.

All very strange indeed. But Courteney believes the story she tells is real, and her personal integrity cannot be doubted. As for the reader? Well, it may be necessary to suspend belief for the duration of Divine Intervention and a healthy scepticism would not go amiss, but there are nevertheless some thought-provoking home truths to be found regarding the way we live our lives, and what we can do to slow down the destruction of all that we hold dear.

Divine Intervention will certainly intrigue and perhaps inspire its readers, and the conversations with Diana, Princess of Wales are noteworthy indeed. There can be little doubt that Courteney has a story to tell, and a remarkable one at that, but in the end it is down to individual readers to make of it what they will. --Susan Harrison

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